Spiced Apple Pull Apart Bread

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We all learn something new everyday. You could discover that the walk to your mailbox is exactly 26 paces or that Oxy Clean will remove the worst red wine stain from your favorite white pants (long story). No, it’s not always something mind-bogglingly enlightening, but that doesn’t mean that your fun fact won’t ever come in handy. Tuck that little nugget away for now.  You

In Search of a Better Brioche (Thanks, T.K.!)

Thomas Keller's Buttery Brioche

I take pride in my punctuality. If anything, I am usually 5 minutes early for appointments, and I just can’t understand why some people are always running late. True, sometimes delays are unpreventable, but habitual tardiness is just plain rude. This post is about 1 1/2 weeks late, and you can imagine how much it has been driving me bonkers. It’s been staring at me