How to Make Spinning Pinwheel Cookies!

How to Make Spinning Pinwheel Cookies

What’s better than a decorated pinwheel cookie? A decorated pinwheel cookie that actually spins, that’s what! I had this crazy “what if” idea the other night, and I just had to give it a try.  After a trip to Michael’s craft store, one to Office Max and one to Target, I felt like the MacGyver of baking, assembling potential pinwheel cookie-toys in my kitchen. Fortunately,

How to Decorate Beautiful Butterfly Cookies (Video)

How to Decorate Butterfly Sugar Cookies

If you’re new to Peanut Butter and Julie, welcome!  I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by for a look, and I hope you’ll return again and again…..and again.  If you’re a regular reader (welcome back!), then you might have noticed that I’ve made a few changes around here.  There’s a new layout, a new design and a brand spankin’ new email newsletter for my lovely

Dark Chocolate Decorated Cookies for your Sweetie


I always need a little bit of chocolate after lunch and dinner……and yes, sometimes even after breakfast.  Hey–don’t judge; mornings can be rough. When it comes to satisfying my post-meal sweet tooth, only dark bittersweet chocolate accomplishes the task, although I enjoy semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate on occasion (and by “on occasion”, I mean any time I am out of dark chocolate.) The

Decorated Christmas Cookies

Decorated Christmas Cookies from Peanut Butter and Julie

Eric, Gigi and I are celebrating Christmas in Jackson, Wyoming this year.  If you’ve read this blog for awhile, then you probably know that Jackson is one of our favorite places in the world, so we are excited to introduce Gigi to all of the things that make it so wonderful.  Eric is certain that she will be the next great addition to the U.S.

Mummy Trick-or-Treater Maple Sugar Cookies

How to Decorate Adorable Mummy Sugar Cookies

So….. my second cookbook, 100 Best Decorated Cookies came out a few weeks ago (woo-hoo!), and I’m obviously a bit tardy posting about it on this blog.  Fall, 2013 has shaped up to be one heckuva busy season, and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon.  I have become Starbucks’ best customer lately, although you wouldn’t know if since they still

Fourth of July Decorated Sugar Cookies

Fourth of July Decorated Sugar Cookies

(NEW! For a video and step-by-step photo tutorial on the star cookies, check out my updated blog post, here!) It’s hard to believe that July is just around the corner.  What the heck happened to June?   I’m pretty sure that it was just May a few days ago, wasn’t it? To commemorate the onset of the seventh month, Las Vegas has decided to call in

Back to the Blogging Board with Coconut Key-Lime Sugar Cookies

Decorated Summer Sugar Cookies

“You’re hot then you’re cold.  You’re yes then you’re no.  You’re in then you’re out.  You’re up then you’re down.”  So far this year, the weather in Las Vegas has been like the above Katy Perry song: one contradiction after another and, at times, unwelcome and extremely annoying.  One day we’ll have 85 degree temps with crystal-clear views.  The following morning my exploding sinuses will

Lions and Monkeys and Giraffes (oh yum!)

Zoo Animal Sugar Cookies

When I was growing up, birthday parties were a pretty standard, fairly simple affair……at least relative to the complex, expensive, “My party is going to sooo be better than your party” extravaganzas that occur today. Old invitations: Strawberry Shortcake or Snoopy cut-outs that came 12 to a pack, bought for under five dollars at the drug store or gift shop uptown. New Invitations: Custom creations printed

A Colorful Chocolate Celebration Cake & Red Velvet Cupcakes

Colorful Celebration Cake and Decorated Cookies

O.K.  Show of hands:  At some point during this past weekend, how many of you found yourselves singing the song from the viral wedding video that captivated America via YouTube last week?  In the event that you have been living under a boulder, please click here to catch up with the rest of us. For me, this now infectious ditty popped into my head not once, but several times. 

Cake and Cookies for a Future Guitar Hero

Guitar and Music Note Cookies

After my last bruschetta post, which I now realize was posted over a week ago–I have had absolutely no time for blogging/tweeting/facebooking since then, I received what I thought was a very funny comment from one of my friends, Karen (Karen, by the way, also has a blog, Karen Cooks, with oodles of mouthwatering recipes.)  Her comment was: “Whaa???  No cute little cupcakes, no decorated

Margaritas for Everyone: Cookies and Cocktails

Decorated Margarita Cookies

I’m going to do something very uncharacteristic.  I’m going to keep my blog post relatively short and sweet.  So for those of you who have come to know and love my long-winded stories about why I made what I made that day, I’m sorry.  For those of you who read these stories and wondered “What on earth does this have to do with her recipe?”,

Fire Engine Birthday Cake and Cookies

Fire Engine Birthday Cake

When I turned three–or perhaps it was four–my brother and I had a joint birthday party out by the pool.  We both had summer birthdays, and we were only one year apart in age, so it was probably much easier on my mom to throw one party with both sets of friends as opposed to two.  Besides, as long as there were the requisite cake and

NCAA Basketball Cookies

NCAA Basketball Cookies

I’ve been on a bit of a cookie decorating kick lately.  So much so that my caddy containing cake and cookie decorating supplies, which usually sits in the cabinet above the refrigerator, has taken up permanent residency on my kitchen counter (it looks so nice there too.)  By the way, if you are ever in the market for one of these handy caddies, you can get

Baby Onesie Cookies

Baby Onesie Cookies

Bugaboo. Bjorn. Glider.  Thanks to all of the baby showers that I have been attending lately, I have added quite a few new words to my vocabulary. You can always pick out the guests at these parties who, like myself, do not have any children.  They are the ones who sit through the opening of presents with a consistent “What the heck is that for?” expression on their

Homer’s Doughnut Cookies

Homer's Donut Cookies

Whew!  It has been a busy week–thus the lack of posts and new tasty treats to share.  For me, the saying “when it rains, it pours” definitely applies.  It seems that I will have one week where I have all the time in the world to take care of my to-do list of little projects, while other weeks are so jam-packed that I barely have

Handbag and Sunflower Sugar Cookies

Handbag and Sunflower Sugar Cookies

I know, I know.  Before you say anything, yes, I do realize that this is the holiday season.  I am well aware of the fact that any sugar or gingerbread cookies that come out of my kitchen this month should be shaped like stockings, angels, snowflakes, or candy canes.  For the record, there are a few dozen of these Christmas-y varieties baked and waiting to be decorated

Casino Party Cookies

Casino Party Cookies

Well, we pulled it off!  I can’t believe that we pulled it off, but somehow everything came together exactly as planned, and we were able to surprise my dad with his 65th birthday casino party last Saturday night.  That’s right–Eric and I flew from Las Vegas to throw a Las Vegas-themed party in Delaware.  I’m almost 100% positive that my dad didn’t have a clue as

“Be My Valentine” Cookies

Be My Valentine Cookies

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite days of the school year was Valentine’s Day.  The reason for this wasn’t because I had more boys than I could count bringing me flowers and candy (we’re talking elementary school here–boys for the most part were still “yucky”).  On the morning of Valentine’s Day, we would all arrive to class with the empty shoeboxes