My Favorite, Most Reliable, and Oh-So-Versatile Chocolate Cake Recipe

June 21, 2009

Dear Smoke Detector Batteries, Why, oh why must you always decide to expire at 2:30 a.m., precisely during the point in my dream when I am being handed the keys to my newly acquired  rustic chateau in the south of France?  Is there a reason why you can’t hold off until at least 7:00? Sincerely,  Julie.. read more →

Cake and Cookies for a Future Guitar Hero

May 31, 2009

After my last bruschetta post, which I now realize was posted over a week ago–I have had absolutely no time for blogging/tweeting/facebooking since then, I received what I thought was a very funny comment from one of my friends, Karen (Karen, by the way, also has a blog, Karen Cooks, with oodles of mouthwatering recipes.) .. read more →

Fire Engine Birthday Cake and Cookies

April 12, 2009

When I turned three–or perhaps it was four–my brother and I had a joint birthday party out by the pool.  We both had summer birthdays, and we were only one year apart in age, so it was probably much easier on my mom to throw one party with both sets of friends as opposed to.. read more →