How to Decorate: Ice Cream Cone Cookies

How to decorate ice cream cone and sno cone cookies using one cutter!Hi everyone!

Show of hands: Who loves getting two things for the price of one?  That’s what I thought — ALL OF YOU DO!  

With this in mind, I’ve decided to start a series within my cookie-decorating tutorial series, entitled, “One Cutter — Two Cookies!”  Just as the name implies, this series will teach you how to create two different cookie designs using one cookie cutter.

Fun, huh?

This first one, admittedly, is a no-brainer.  I mean, sno-cones and ice cream cones are pretty darn similar.  I know.  But, seeing as it’s a brutally hot summer everywhere in the country, I thought it would be a fun start.

As always, I’ve used my Vanilla Orange Sugar Cookie recipe for the cookies and my standard Royal Icing recipe for the decorating.  The video is below, followed by step by step photos.

Stay cool, out there!

Step 1: Outline and flood lower ice cream “scoop” with pink icing (or whichever flavor is your favorite.)

Step 2: Fill in the “scoop” using a stylus, toothpick or cake tester.

Ice Cream Cone1

Ice Cream2

Step 3: Repeat Steps 1 and 2 using brown icing for the upper “chocolate” scoop (again, pick your favorite colors.)

Ice Cream3

Step 4: Outline and fill in the cone using tan or light brown icing.

Ice Cream4

Step 5: Outline and fill in the top section using white icing.

Ice Cream 5

Step 6:  Carefully sprinkle colored sprinkles (or jimmies, as I like to call them), onto the top section of the cone.  Try your best to avoid getting the jimmies onto the other scoops.

Ice Cream 6

Step 7: Pipe a red dot for the cherry on top of the white section.

Ice Cream 7

Step 8: Using the light brown or tan icing and a #1 or #2 tip, pipe and outline on both sides of the cone and a diagonal criss-cross waffle design on top.

Ice Cream 8

Step 9: Using pink icing and a #1 or #2 tip, pipe decorative swirls onto the pink scoop.  Use mine as a guide, but you can make any fun curly-cue shapes that you like!

Step 10:  Repeat Step 9 using brown icing piped onto the brown scoop.

Ice Cream 9

Step 10: Ta-da!  Let the icing dry……  On to cookie #2: Sno-Cones!

Ice Cream 10

Step 11: Using teal icing, pipe and flood the first sno-cone section.

Step 12: Use a stylus, toothpick or a cake tester to fill in the section and get rid of air bubbles.

Ice Cream 11

Ice Cream 12

Step 13: Carefully sprinkle blue sanding sugar on top of the wet icing, shaking off excess.

Ice Cream 13

Step 14: Repeat Steps 11-13 using yellow icing and yellow sanding sugar to create the second middle section of the sno-cone.

Ice Cream 14


Ice Cream 15

Step 15: Using red icing and red sanding sugar, repeat Steps 11-13 to create the third end section of the sno-cone.

Ice Cream 16

Ice Cream 17


Ice Cream 18

Step 16: Use white icing to pipe a border around and fill in the “paper cone” portion of the cookie.

Ice Cream 19

Step 17: Using teal icing and a #1 tip, pipe diagonal lines on top of the white paper cone.

Ice Cream 20

Step 18: Using red icing and a #1 tip, pipe dots in between the teal lines.

Ice Cream 21

Step 19: Using white icing and a #1 or #2 tip, pipe a border between the colored top sections and the paper cone.

Ice Cream 22Well done!  Let the icing dry for at least 6 hours or overnight before serving.

How to Decorate Sno Cone and Ice Cream Cone Cookies


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