Tropical Bliss Granola is Here!!


YAWN…….I am exhausted.  This whole start-up-one-woman-granola-business stuff takes an enormous amount of time and energy.

Oh, believe me, I’m definitely not complaining.  I’ve recently started selling in a third Whole Foods location, easily the busiest location in Las Vegas.  On most weekends, I’ll head over to at least one of the stores, armed with my 3’X2′ folding table, tablecloth, and lots and lots of samples.  Apparently, Whole Foods shoppers love samples.  As soon as I set out plastic cups of Sweet Citrus and Maple Blueberry granola in neat little pyramids, an entire group of ravenous women in yogawear and husbands who have lost their wives descend upon my table and grab every last crumb.  Some even try to return for seconds, incognito.  That’s O.K. folks, sample away.  It’s a huge compliment.

The good news is that the granola is selling very well.  Even those unwilling samplers, the ones that give me a look that says “Yes, I’ll grab a sample, but don’t EVEN try to sell me anything”, have retraced their steps back to my table and purchased a bag.  It’s a great feeling :)

People always ask me which flavor is more popular.  Hmmm…..tough call.  That depends on the day, location, direction of the wind, stock market….in other words, it’s a draw.  Some days are all about the maple, while others solely Sweet Citrus.  You just never can tell.

Of course, some people buy both flavors because they just cannot decide (bummer!)  And now, I’ve gone and made this decision even more difficult with the launch of my third flavor: TROPICAL BLISS GRANOLA!!!

Good name, no?  There really wasn’t any other name that we could call this flavor, what with the fresh banana puree, crunchy cashews, toasty shredded coconut, and tart dried pineapple contained in each and every scrumptiously blissful bite.  Like the bag says, if you close your eyes and take a bite, you’re not in the kitchen anymore.  You’re transported to an exotic island locale–no passport (and embarrassing passport photo) required.

While Tropical Bliss will not be in Las Vegas Whole Foods Markets for about one week, you, yes you, can order some today via my Paypal store or on  As a special Paypal February special, if your order is $25 or more, I will throw in a complimentary bag of the Tropical Bliss.  Blissful indeed!!

Oh, and for you Maple Blueberry fans, the 16 oz. bag is on its way………..(to be continued.)




  1. says

    The other day I was at the store and I was in the cereal section. I bought a bag of cereal that I thought looked really healthy and good, but I didn’t look at the package well and it turned out to be just a big bag of tropical flavored granola. I tried it and all I can say is that is was not good. The whole bag is still sitting in my cabinet untouched. I thought to myself “I need to tell Julie to create a tropical flavor of granola” and here you are! I can’t wait to try it. And I’m happy about the 16 oz. bags of the maple blueberry. I think that is my favorite. Just as soon as I run out, I’ll be ordering again!

  2. says

    THAT’S SUCH GREAT NEWS! I love reading about good things happeneing to small independent businesses. If I lived in the area I’d so be there! Unfortunately I’m in Asia, where the the tropical in your granola comes from. I think I’ll have a maple blueberry one and make believe I’m sitting on a swing, in autumn!

  3. foodie at heart says

    I am really looking forward to the big bag of Blueberry Maple. I really love those flavors. Congrats on your ever-expanding line of Granola. That is great!

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