Fashionably Frugal Sugar Cookies

Fashionably Frugal Sugar Cookies

Shoesanddresses What??  Two posts in one day??

I know–hardly ever happens.  But, when I’m inspired, I’m inspired, and let me tell you:  shoes inspire me (am I right ladies?)  Even if the shoes in this case are edible and much too small to fit my Shaq-esque size 9 1/2 feet, they still inspire me.

Were shoes always such a big deal with women?  Not that I recall.  But from the very first time that the words “Manolo Blahnik” escaped the lips of Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, a veritable designer shoe obsession started.  This phenomenon will lead women to spend entire paychecks on one pair of black (albeit killer black) stilettos and to pronounce words like “Louboutin” as if French was their native language.

As Oprah would say: There are two things I know for sure.  One is that you can always get a man to leave a room (or at least tune out of the conversation) if you start talking about shoe shopping.  TheIMG_0612 other is that giving a woman something that resembles designer shoes (while not nearly as good as the shoes themselves) is sure to put a smile on her face.

In light of the recent economy, I think that it’s pretty safe to say that the shoe departments of the various Saks, Neimans, and Barneys across the U.S. have seen quite a decrease in foot traffic (get it? foot traffic?)  That being said, it seems like the prices of shoes keep rising along with the height of their heels.   Well, even if you’re not in the market for the latest strappy sandals thatrock the runway, you can still console yourself over a plate of these designer desserts (dip them in chocolate and they will make you feel even better.)

These sugar cookies were made from another pair of shapes that I dug out from my cookie cutter basket (both of which I probably purchased on  The initial shoe shape was a bit “dowdy,” so I tried to trim it down a bit, but I think that it still needs some more work.  As you can see to the right, I tried to fashion some of the pumps after Christian Louboutins and their tell-tale red soles. Tried.  They didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped, but maybe that’s because I don’t have a pair of my own to compare them to (ahem, Eric.)

Here are a few extra tips for making this duet of delicious designer duds:IMG_0607

  • The little flowers on the dresses and the shoes are made from mini flower cutters and colored fondant that I allowed to dry overnight.  For faster drying you can use gumpaste instead of fondant–I just didn’t happen to have any on hand, and I didn’t feel like making it from scratch.
  • I believe that I purchased the mini cutters on also, but I don’t remember for certain.  The gumpaste/fondant cutters are available on pretty much any cake decorating supply site though.
  • The sugar cookie dough recipe that I used can be found .
  • When decorating cookies like these, start one day in advance because they have several layers of royal icing.  If the individual layers aren’t dry, then it is very easy to dent the icing.


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    Oh, I love these shoe cookies! That would be so neat at a Girlfriend’s Night Out Party! I know you are young, Julie, but shoes have been on women’s radar for ages. I would hate to attempt to my hubby how many pairs I buy each year. I wish I had your feet size. I’m only a Size 7 and am 5’7″ tall and need bigger feet. I bet you never thought you would hear something like that?
    Also, I loved your POM Super Hero. I received a case of the POM but hadn’t seen the POM Hero picture.

  2. says

    My favorite kind of shoes–and no blisters involved! These are precious. is such a great resource; I’m so glad you shared!

  3. says

    I love your little Louboutins with the red soles! They are such gorgeous shoes, but I don’t know how people balance in them – most of them are super high!

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